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AlchemicalArrows aims to improve the bow vs. bow combat experience while staying true to Minecraft's vanilla mechanics as much as possible. This plugin adds 16 unique types of arrows in addition to the ones provided by vanilla Minecraft (potion-tipped arrows), including, but not limited to, air arrows, water arrows, earth arrows, fire arrows, grapple arrows, explosive arrows, life arrows and more... All arrows are craftable such that players have sufficient permissions and can be launched from a bow so long as the alchemical arrows are the closest arrow to slot 1 in the player's inventory (the left-most hotbar slot).

All arrows provided by AlchemicalArrows affect entities in a unique way and some even have in-world effects upon hitting the ground. Others have passive effects such as the magnetic arrow which attracts nearby items! Using AlchemicalArrows' API and extensive documentation, new arrows can be added with ease by any developer whether experienced or new.

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