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Aqua Anticheat

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Aqua Anticheat: The most advanced and complex anti-cheat currently on the market. Say goodbye to false alerts, and hello to hacker protection!


Aqua Anticheat will provide your server with around-the-clock detection for 18 different types of hacks, plus an alt detector included! This plugin will help to keep you on top of your server by catching any cheaters who might wander into your server. The skript will send an alert to anyone with a permission node (listed below) if it catches someone hacking. The skript currently has around a 90% success rate, so you will rarely ever get a false alert!

This skript features a cps counter (which tracks a player's highest cps), an alt tracker (which tracks someone's alts when they join the server), and a toggleable auto kick (which automatically kicks someone when the skript detects them hacking).

This skript is currently created and developed by me, Tresre, with a contribution from Santio71. If you have any questions, feel free to join my support discord and ask.

Please note that this anti-cheat may not work as well on servers with more than 40-50 concurrent players.


By default, this skript requires no setup and works right away. However, it does offer customization options with a config inside the skript for customizing permissions, detectors, and more. The config is located at the top of the skript, and I recommend you don't change any code below the config section. Please keep in mind that this plugin does need at least 4 plugin slots open to install the required plugins if they aren't already installed.

Default permissions (can be changed in the config):
-Admin permission: aqua.admin
-Alerts permission: aqua.alert

Required plugins:

In-Game Commands:

The skript has some in-game commands that you can use to control some aspects of the skript. The commands are as follows:
-/aqua help - Displays the help menu for Aqua Anticheat, anyone can use this command
-/aqua info - Displays the info menu for Aqua Anticheat, anyone can use this command
-/aqua kick - Toggles the skript's auto kick, only people with the admin permission can use this command
-/aqua cps <player> - Displays a player's highest cps, only people with the admin permission can use this command
-/aqua alts <player> - Displays a player's known alts, only people with the admin permission can use this command

The hacks Aqua Anticheat currently detects are as follows:
(Can be configured in the config)

-Chest Stealer
-Offhand Crash
-Anti Knockback
-Command Spammer

If you need any support, notice any glitches, or want to suggest additions to the anti-cheat, join the support discord here: