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Azu ChatManager

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Brought to you by Azuyamat#9999

Mandatory Plugins: Tuske, Skript, EssentialsX, Vault, Luckperms (Pre-Installed by this script)
Optional Plugins: Vixio (Not Installed by this script)

This is the most detailed ChatManager on the market yet. It includes the following:

• Custom Chat format with placeholders such as... (Use /setformat [Arguments])
<player> = Player
<prefix> = Prefix
<nickname> = Nickname
<suffix> = Suffix of player
<chatcolor> = ChatColor of Player
<message> = Message
<group> = Luckperms group of player
<team> = Team of player (Only works with my future teams script)
<tag> = Custom Tag of Player

• Staff Utils (Use /cm help for a list of commands)
SlowChat + Custom Timer
AntiSpam + Word Spam Limit & Punctuation in AntiSpam Included/Excluded
Filter (Filter words from phrases) with two modes:
Strict Enabled = Words that contain a filter string will be filtered
Strict Disabled = Exact words from the filter will be filtered

• Discord Integration (Go into the script file and change the config options by the top of the script)
Discord --> Game Chat
Game --> Discord
Send messages in game with the use of a discord channel and receive incoming messages as well

• ChatColor (/chatcolor)
Chatcolors that vary from lime to green to yellow and orange even including a RAINBOW chatcolor

• Custom Tags (Use /tags)
Players with the permission tags.admin can create tags with /createtag (TAG)
The tags will appear in /tags menu

The tag menu has no limit, it will add pages if needed

• Filter (Use /filter)
You can add words to the filter, /filter add (WORD) or to remove /filter remove (WORD)... there are two modes to the filter, strict enabled and disabled. Strict mode enabled means sentences sent by players the include a string from the list will be filtered. If strict mode is disabled, only the EXACT words will be filtered

• Help
There is help for EVERY command in this chatmanager
Just do /cm help (command/command abbreviate), for more help do /cm help

The greatest thing about this script is that it requires little to no setup even though everything is SO customizable.

To reload the script use /sk reload Azuyamat/chatmanager