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Better Vanilla

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Are your players annoyed by having to manually replant their crops after a harvest on their huge field, or that it is not possible to create pathways only on a grass blocks and not on normal dirt?

This script is the solution for that! The crops get automatically replanted after harvesting, and you can right-click dirt/pathway blocks to convert them!


  1. Open the "" script using the file manager

  2. If you wish you can customize the values (After changing something inside the script reloading is required:/sk reload LEINER/BetterVanilla)


  • No long setup! Install and reload!

  • Extremely customizable

  • No lags when reloading the script, even on free tier!

  • Automatically replant plants (carrots, potatoes, wheat and beetroot)

  • Give the player XP on harvest

  • Better pathway mechanics

    • Right-Click a pathway block to turn it into a dirt block (with sound and removing durability)

    • Right-Click a dirt block to turn it into a pathway block (with sound and removing durability)

  • Note: Some features are disabled by default!

Any idea for a new feature or need help? Write me on discord or join my discord help server!


  • Skript

  • TuSKe (Custom XP)


  • If you want to test it on my minehut server, join my discord server