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Block Shuffle

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Block Shuffle

Welcome to Block Shuffle, inspired by some of Dream's most popular videos by the same name. (link:

How it works

To start, the player will type the command "/blockshuffle on". All players will be given a block, and you have a certain amount of time to find that block. To complete the game, you must stand on the block. This will repeat until you type the command "/blockshuffle off".
If the block is a half block (slab, stair, etc.) you will need to jump on top of the block.

Single Player

The game works with as many players as you want. If a player joins in the middle of a round, they will be included in the next round of Block Shuffle.


/blockshuffle on --> Starts the game

/blockshuffle off --> Turns the game off

/blockshuffle help --> Gives list of the commands

/clearblockshuffle --> Can help with restarting games