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Carrot Anti Cheat

Regular price750 credits

Carrot Anti Cheat is a Combat Focused anti cheat that detects Unfair Combat Advantages!

Why choose Carrot Anti Cheat? - Because it's the most reliable anti cheat available on the Minehut market! It has been tested by over 20 people to make sure it has no flaws! It also has regular updates to make sure all bugs are fixed & new features are added!

Carrot Anti Cheat Detects:

  • Fly

  • Spider

  • Reach

  • Speed

  • Scaffold

  • Auto Sneak

  • Kill Aura

  • Hitbox Extend


  • Optimized - Carrot Anti Cheat runs at 20 TPS on a 1GB Minehut server!

  • Advanced Kill Aura Detection - Carrot Anti Cheat uses multiple methods to detect kill aura & auto clickers!

  • Easy Configuration - Each check can be enabled/disabled easily via the configuration section in the script file!

  • Staff Notifications - Carrot Anti Cheat automatically notifies your staff when someone is cheating! It also has autokicks!

  • Regular Updates! - We will have regular updates for the anti cheat to make sure all bugs are fixed and more features are added!

  • Active Support! - We have an active discord server where we can help you with any issues you might have!

Required Plugins:

  • Skript

  • SkQuery

  • Skellet