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Chat Essentials

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Chat Essentials: The all-in-one chat moderation script!

Spend less time moderating and administrating your server with an easy bundled solution to handle all the rule-breakers in the chat! This script makes it extremely easy to control your server's chat while communicating and talking with other staff members on the server. Check out the list of features and more below to learn more about what chat essentials can offer you:


  • A chat delay to prevent players from spamming in chat. Are they still misbehaving? You can also mute or clear the chat to further control and moderate your chat.

  • The built-in chat filter allows you to block certain words or phrases from being mentioned in the chat. Add or remove words with 1 simple command.

  • Communicate with your other staff members with the server's staff chat. Use the command or toggle on the chat to auto send all your messages to the staff chat.

  • Announce messages that can be sent to all players on the server. No need to spam messages over and over to ensure they saw your message.


  • /broadcast <message>: Announce messages sent out to the entire server. Supports Minecraft color codes.

  • /sc <message>: Send out a message to all online staff members (default players will not be able to see it).

  • /chat channel: Toggle on the staff chat to auto send all your messages in the chat to only staff members.

  • /chat clear/lock: Mute or clear your chat from all online players. Staff members can bypass this.

  • /chat slow <time in seconds>: Slow down your chat and only allow players to talk every x seconds (of your choosing).

  • /filter <toggle/add/remove/test/info>: Toggle on the chat filter and be able to add, remove, or test any words you add.

  • /staff <command>: Still confused on how to use a command? This should help remind you.


  • /bc (broadcast): broadcast.use

  • /sc (staff chat): staffchat.use

  • /chat: chatcontrol.use

  • /filter: chatfilter.use (chatfilter.bypass can be given to bypass the filter only)