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Chat Pack

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Creator: FnnF

Welcome to the chat pack! With everything the server will need to spice up your chat in a Minecraft server! Don't want the bland Minecraft style chat? We fixed that! Anything you want the server chat to look like, we have. The best QOL chat on the market.


When making the custom chat, to add a bit more custom flare, change : on line 12 and 25 in the file "" to something that would look good, it is possible to also have a period at the end of the sentence for a more formal look.


Want to have a custom color for the chat messages? All colors out of the Minecraft code are available. All the colors are listed in the showcase picture! With the ability to give access to the colors to certain users or ranks, it allows amazing customization. Get typing with a new color!

/chatcolor will open the gui up so that players can choose from the colors


Players seen servers with the "First to type game" where the player gets a random word, and the first to type wins, and even a possible prize! You can now have this game in the server, with custom words, and adding words is very simple! Want the word to be "Honorificabilitudinitatibus"? The server can have that! Enjoy the wonderful game!

To add a word, players can use /addgameword [word] which will add the word to a list which will be randomly selected.

To remove a word, players can use /removegameword [word] which will remove the word from the game.

Every 5 minutes, the game will start! (change the 5 on line 28 in file "" to the amount of minutes the server would like.

There always has to be a word in the game, so if there is only 1 word, you will need to add the word you want first.


Players can imagine what this is. Easily mute chat and unmute it with a simple command! Give only ranks or certain people access to this! Someone said a uh-oh stinky word in chat? No problem! With a simple 1 command it can delete all evidence of the past chat. Leaving the only last bit left in the logs, where players can then see who to punish. Enjoy giving justice to your players!

/mutechat on this command will make it to where players cannot talk

/mutechat off this command will make it to where player can talk

/clearchat this command will make all of the past chat messages disappear