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Whip Development


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CrashClaim has been designed with a survival server in mind, created out of the need to provide an advanced yet simple and intuitive claiming experience to the masses. Allowing players to make claims and sub-claims to section off their land and bring the power of advanced permission management into their hands.


  • Advanced Glowing Visualizations for Claims.

    • Pick between block-based or entity-based visualization, providing a simple and intuitive viewing experience for players.

  • Intuitive advanced or simple permission menus to give players the control they want or need.

  • Sub-claim support for sectioning off the land into multiple pieces with individual permission menus.

  • Permission Hierarchy for Claims.

    • Each player will inherit permissions based on the parent claim and their own permission adjustments; sub-claims will grab permissions from their parent claim on a per-node basis if set to neutral.

    • Sub-Claim Per-Player -> Sub-Claim Global -> Claim Per-Player -> Claim Global

  • Contribution Tracking

    • When a claim gets removed or resized, players will be refunded the proper amount they contributed to the claim, so no issues arise about who pent how much currency on the claim.

  • Full Localization and Translation Support

    • PlaceholderAPI support globally for chat and menu localizations.

    • MiniMessage Tag support for easy color-coding

    • RGB Support

  • MiniMessage tag support in-game while setting claim name, entry message, or exit messages.

Need More Information?

Check out our wiki or head over to the support discord for further assistance!