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Custom Enchants

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Made by MinecraftMan1013

Do you want custom enchants on your server? Then this script is perfect for you!

Perks of my Script

  • Customizable Enchants

  • User friendly GUI to apply and remove enchants (/ce gui)

  • You can have multiple enchants on one tool

  • If you would like an enchant added, join my discord and open a ticket!


Permission for all commands: ce.*

  • /ce
    Gives you a list of possible commands

  • /ce add <enchant> [level]
    Adds an enchant to your tool
    If the level is not specified, it will automatically apply the first level of the enchant you put in.

  • /ce remove <enchant>
    Removes an enchant from your tool (if your tool has it)

  • /ce info <enchant>
    Gives you info about a specified enchant

  • /ce list
    Gives you a list of all the possible enchants

  • /ce support
    Gives you a link to my discord server so that you can receive support

  • /ce gui
    Opens a user-friendly GUI that you can modify the enchants of your tool with

  • /ce reload
    Reloads the script

Descriptions of all the enchants (as of now).

The "3" from the enchant "Explode 3"

  • Explode
    If the option is enabled (Called "Ores only"), it will break all ores in the specified radius
    Otherwise, it will break all blocks in the specified radius.

  • Telepathy
    When you mine a block, it goes straight into your inventory

  • Unbreakable
    Your tool becomes unbreakable

  • Luck of the Draw
    A chance (chance is customizable per-level) to double to drops

  • Team
    If two players have the same level of the "Team" enchant on their chestplate and they try to damage each other, the damage gets cancelled

  • Sniper
    If you shift with a bow in your hand, your FOV zooms in, and you can shoot arrows at high speeds.
    The level of the enchant is the speed at which the arrow shoots.

  • Bomber
    When you shoot an arrow, there is a customizable chance that an explosion will spawn at the location that the arrow hits.

  • Witch [COMING SOON]
    When someone gets hit, there is a chance that they will get poisoned
    The level of the enchant that you have on your sword is the level of poison the victim gets

  • Medic [COMING SOON]
    When a player damages someone else, there is a chance that they will get healed

Here are the things you can customize as of now in this script (more to be added later).

  • The enchant color

  • The location of the file

    • For /ce reload

  • The radius that the "Explode" enchant will break

    • Customizable for levels 1-7

  • The chance for the enchant "Luck of the Draw"

    • Customizable for levels 1-5

  • Bomber

    • The chance that the explosion will occur

    • The explosion power

    • unt of damage the explosion does

  • Witch [COMING SOON]

    • The chance that the victim will get poisoned

      • Customizable for levels 1-5

    • The cooldown for getting poisoned

      • Customizable for levels 1-5

  • Medic [COMING SOON]

    • The chance that the attacker will get healed

A guide on how to read and use the commands

When it gives you a list of enchants:

  • Enchant Name (enchant short name)

    • Example

      • Luck of the Draw (lotd)

      • This means that you would do "/ce add lotd" to add the enchant "Luck of the Draw" to your tool.

  • Enchant Name (enchant short name || enchant short name 2)

    • Example

      • Unbreakable (unb || break)

      • This means that you could do "/ce add unb" OR to "/ce add break" to add the enchant "Unbreaking" to your tool

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Based on 2 reviews
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Reviewed by G4m3RJ_YT
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Custom enchants: Good or bad?

The plugin is great, as far as the included enchants go, but it would be a lot better if it was updated to 1.17/1.18. Other than that issue, the plugin is amazing.

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Reviewed by a a.
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hypixel but awesome!

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