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Custom Fishing Drops

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Custom Fish Drops


This script will allow you to edit what drops you can get from fishing. You can also set how much XP a drop will give and run a command after fishing. This could be used for a rare drop to broadcast a message in chat.


  • /fish: View fishing loot table

  • /fishadd: Edit fishing drops. Do not enter a '/' before the command when entering it!

  • /fishclear: This will clear all custom items that were added to the loot table.


  • Script

  • Skbee

  • Skacket

  • Skquery

  • ProtocolLib

  • Skellett

Placeholders: These are placeholders you can use when customizing the command.

  • %player% or %p%: Players name

  • %item% or %I%: Item fished

Comming Soon Placeholders: These placeholders will be added in the next update.

  • %x%: x-coordinate of player

  • %y%: y-coordinate of player

  • %z%: z-coordinate of player

  • %world%: player's current world

  • %health%: player's health

  • %max health%: player's max health

  • %food%: player's food level

  • %gamemode%: players current gamemode

  • %tool%: Item in player's hand

  • %offhand tool%: Item in player's offhand

  • %helmet%: player's helmet

  • %chestplate%: player's chestplate

  • %leggings%: player's leggings

  • %boots%: player's boots