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Custom Shops

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Made by MinecraftMan1013


Have you ever wanted to make a custom shop with ease? Then this script is perfect for you!

Perks of this script

  • Create, setup, and modify a new or exiting shop with ease

  • Complete documentation on how to create, setup, and modify shops.

  • Everything shop related is created using a GUI or a command

Required Plugins:

  • Skript

    • Auto installed

  • Vault

    • Auto installed

  • EssentialsX (Or some other Economy Manager)

    • NOT auto installed

Commands & Permissions:

For a list of commands and permissions, read the first page of the docs.

Within each shop file, you can configure options related to that specific shop.

  • Inventory Size

    • How many rows should the shop have?

    • Default: 6

  • Shop Name

    • What is the name of the shop?

    • This is also the command to open the shop

There is also a file for options related to the overall function of the shops.

  • File Location: Shop

  • Shops: "Shop", "Blocks", and "Redstone"

  • No Permission Message

    • The message that players get sent if they don't have permission to do a command

    • Default: &4You don't have permission to do this!

  • Cancel Click

    • When players click an item in the shop, should it cancel the event?

    • Default: true