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Custom Whitelist

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Custom Whitelist is a simple skript that allows you to restrict access to your server from an easy-to-use GUI, as well as limit player slots, make custom unwhitelisted error messages, and get an alert every time someone who isn't whitelisted tries to join!

This skript is currently created and developed by me, Tresre. If you have any questions, feel free to join my support discord and ask.


By default, this skript requires no setup and works right away. However, it does offer customization options with a config inside the skript for changing the permissions and customizing the unwhitelisted error message. The config is located at the top of the skript, and I recommend you don't change any code below the config section. Please keep in mind that this skript does need at least 2 plugin slots open to install Skript and TuSKe if they aren't already installed.

Default permissions (can be changed in the config):
-Bypass the whitelist: *
-Control the whitelist: *

Required plugins:

In-Game Commands:

The skript has some in-game commands that you can use to control the skript! The commands are as follows:
-/customwhitelist - Opens the main GUI for controlling the plugin, also the only command you need to operate this skript.

The 6 built-in features are as follows:

-Custom GUI for viewing and editing who is whitelisted.

-Unlimited pages in the GUI for adding as many people to the whitelist as you want.

-A toggleable message that gets sent in chat whenever someone who is not whitelisted attempts to join.

-The ability to turn on or off the whitelist at any time.

-The ability to turn on or off any of the features from the settings menu at any time.

-A built-in toggleable slot limiter, to limit how many people can join your server at once.

If you need any support, notice any glitches, or want to suggest additions to the skript, join the support discord listed here: