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Daily Rewards

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Daily Rewards!
This add-on helps you with keeping players on your server!
Every day they can claim this reward. It is very simple
to use and a lot of fun!

How to setup?

  1. Install the package to your server.

  2. Type /daily help to see how everything works.

  3. Remove the default reward by typing " /daily remove item 1 ".

  4. Add news Item Rewards and Command Rewards.

  5. Try it out using /dailyreward to see if you fancy the rewards.
    ( You may need to revisit steps 2-4 )

  6. And you are done!

Documentation / Commands
There are the following commands:
/dailyreward - Used to receive the reward ( not OP players can also use /daily )
Cooldown: 24 hours
( Player's with OP can skip the cooldown )

/daily - This command is used to change the rewards and the reward message.

/daily help - Shows the different categories.
/daily help 1 - Shows how to add Items to the Rewards.
/daily help 2 - Shows how to add Commands to the Rewards.
/daily help 3 - Shows how to remove Rewards.
/daily help 4 - Shows other useful commands.
/daily list - This shows the Rewards that a player gets.

/daily item - Adds the item you are holding as a reward.
/daily command <command> - Adds a command to run when a player claims their daily
reward. Use <player> to refer to the player that claims the reward.
You can use this to give crate keys, or to add money to a player's balance.
/daily remove <item or command> <number> - This is used to remove a Reward
/daily message <text> - Changes the sound message when you claim the reward.
/daily sound <sound> - Changes the sound when you claim the reward.
/daily reset - Restores everything to the default settings.

Examples are given in the /daily help sections!


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