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Death Swap

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Death Swap is a fun, popular minigame for you and friends! It is simple to set up on your Minehut server, survival friendly and you can have spectators for the games!

What is deathswap?

Deathswap is a popular minigame in which 2 players compete to kill the other player without PvP, every swap each player is teleported to each other players position, leading to intense plays and saves.


  • /deathswap [add/remove] (player) - Adds/Removes a player to/from the deathswap game

  • /deathswap players - Lists the players that are currently ready for the next game of deathswap

  • /deathswap [start/end] - Starts/Ends the death swap timer

  • /deathswap interval (time amount in minutes) - Sets the time between swaps in minutes

  • /deathswap leave - Leaves the deathswap match (if you are in one)

  • /deathswap help - Lists available commands


  • deathswap.start - Start the game

  • deathswap.end - End the game

  • deathswap.intervalchange - Change the time between swaps

  • deathswap.add - Add players to the next deathswap

  • deathswap.remove - Remove players in queue for the next deathswap


  • Skript

  • SkQuery

  • SkBee


  • A permissions plugin (LuckPerms, etc....)


Install the skript onto your server, load up your server and add 2 players using /deathswap add (players), and use /deathswap start!