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DeluxeMenus Prison Warp GUI

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This configuration is a warp GUI for a prison server. It includes multiple categories. There is one GUI with 26 warps for warp A-Z as well as a GUI for 6 donator roles.


  • 4 Global warps

  • 26 Normal Mine Warps

  • 6 Donator Mine Warps

Images & Video's:

  • Blue (

Required Plugins: (If you install this config these plugins will be auto-installed)

  • Essentials (for the warps)

  • Permission plugin (e.g. luckperms)

  • DeluxeMenus

  • PlaceholderAPI

How to configure the descriptions & names:
Once you have installed the config onto your server you can go into your plugins folder -> DeluxeMenus -> gui_menus. In the folder called gui_menus you will see 3 different files.

File 1 = donowarps.yml (Donator Mines GUI)
File 2 = globalmines.yml (Warp A-Z GUI)
File 3 = warps.yml (Main menu of the GUI)

If you want to edit the names of the donator rank you will go into File 1 and you will see the config. In order to chance the first donator mine you need to find line 22 in File 1. On this line you can read "##DonatorMine1" this means you will now enter the section where you can edit the first donator mine. Over there you can chance the slot, item, name & lore. The default name for the first donator mine is displayname: '&3&lDonatorMine1 &8| &7Mine'. If your first rank is called "Dragon" you need to change the default input to displayname: '&3&lDragon &8| &7Mine'. Now save the file, go back in game and type /dm reload OR restart your Minehut server.

If you have bought this product and you need help. Feel free to join our support server for full-time support!

How to setup the warps?
If you have your mines setup you can stand on the spawnpoint for that mine (For example Mine A) and then you will type /setwarp A this will set the warp to the point that you are standing. This command will also automatically create the permission essentials.warps.<warp name> so in this case essentials.warps.A then if you wan't people to have access to that command. All you gotta type is /lp user <user> permission set essentials.warps.a true and then they will be able to warp the mine A.

How to use this product?:
Once you have installed this onto your server you can type /dm list in order to check if there are at least 3 menus.

/warp - Open the main GUI
/warps - Open the main GUI
/mine - Open the global mines GUI
/mines - Open the global mines GUI
/dw - Open the donator warps GUI
/donowarps - Open the donator warps GUI