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Allow players the ability to select an active "chat tag" based on the tags they have permission for!

Players can select a tag from the /tags GUI or you can optionally use the "force_tag" option and apply tags to players via permission nodes.

If you choose to use this plugin without DeluxeChat, you must set deluxe_chat: false in the config for DeluxeTags to register the vanilla chat listener!

If you use DeluxeChat, you must set that option to true!

This plugin is very easy to use and simply adds a few placeholders to display the tag/tag information anywhere in your DeluxeChat formats!

Now supporting EssentialsChat and other chat formatting plugins!

This can be used as an "extra prefix" as it does not require a player to have a specific group. To allow a player access to a tag, they simply need the permission node for it - deluxetags.tag.<identifier>

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