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Want to play your server as a regular player? Or do you want to watch over your community without them recognizing you? Well now you can!

All commands in this script can be accessed with the permission node staff.nick


  • No setup required

  • Hides your name in tablist, chat, nametag, join and quit messages

  • Automatically adapts to any existing chat format if the script is loaded afterwards (Skript loads everything in alphabetical order)

  • Ability to nick other players

  • Changes your skin for other players

How to use

This script is accessible through three commands, /nick <nickname> [player], /unnick [player], and /nicked (<> = required, []= optional)

/nick - Allows you to set the nickname of either yourself or another player

/unnick - Allows you to unset the current nickname of either yourself or another player

/nicked- Shows everyone who is currently disguised as another player

Dependencies: TabliskNu and ProtocolLib (These will automatically be installed along with the product)

Notice: The plugin TAB is known to break this script, please keep this in mind when installing it on your servers.