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Dupe Core

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Have you ever wanted to make your own DUPE SERVER? Well here's the solution!

DupeCore is a plugin to allow you easily implement dupe commands and random items!

Within the config you can disable any items, enable random items, change what people can and can't dupe, and more!

The simple /dupe command allows your players to duplicate the item in their hand, making the builds your players make crazy! But you don't want the dupe system? You can disable it in the config!

The random items system lets your players get a random item, this can be configured in many ways, including if each players gets the same item or not, the interval they get random items, and if they get random items at all!

The plugin is also very optimised, and has been coded to ensure a lagless environment, so you can rest easy that you won't have to deal with our plugin causing lag!

Random Items are enabled by default! You can change this in the config, alongside the speed of the generation!


  • /dupe - Dupe the item you're holding

  • /toggle - Toggle whether or not you receive random items