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Easy Punish

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Punishment Skript:

‣ Custom Commands

‣ Configurable colors and permissions

‣ Easy to use

Setup is easy! You can open it in the console editor and in the top of the skript it will say "options:" and then below that it will say "server", just type your server named followed by an arrow, for example, "&bMinehut ‣" and that will be the message displayed when someone is punished, chat is muted/unmuted, chat is cleared, you get the idea. You can also configure any permissions for any command. All of them are listed below the "options:" line.

Full list of commands:

/kick <player> <reason> (example: /kick Owen145 Spamming) Kicks the player for the specified reason.

/warn <player> <reason> (example: /warn Owen145 Spamming 1/3) Warns a player in chat for the reason specified.

/mute <player> <reason> <timespan> (example: /mute Owen145 Spamming 3/3 10 minutes) Mutes a player for the reason and time specified.

/ban <player> <reason> <timespan> (example: /mute Owen145 Hacking 30 days) Bans a player for the reason and time specified.

/history <player> (example: /history Owen145) This will display a player's punishment history as long as they were punished with a command from this skript.

/clearchat (example: clearchat) This will clear the chat, anyone with the permission "bypass.clearchat" (unless you changed it to something else) will only see the message that you cleared the chat and not the actual chat cleared. This is helpful for staff if someone posts a different server IP Adress and you need to clear it quickly and punish them later.

/mutechat (example: /mutechat) This will mute chat for everyone who doesn't have the permission "bypass.mutechat" (unless you changed it to something else)

/clearhistory <player> (example: /clearhistory Owen145) This command can be used to wipe someones history entirely.

/delhistory <player> <history index> (example: /delhistory Owen145 1) This command can be used to delete a certain punishment from someone's history. <history index> represents the number next to the punishment when you do /history <player>, so this example will delete my first ever punishment.

/unmute <player> (example: /unmute Owen145) This will unmute a player as long as they were muted with this skript's /mute command.

/unban <player> (example: /unban Owen145) This will unban a player.

NOTE: You must type out the full timespan! This skript will not accept "30d" "15m", you must use "30 days" "15 minutes", accepts "seconds" "minutes" "hours" and "days"