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Fireworks Plus

Regular price50 credits 25 credits

(Just so you guys know, 25 credits is the exact amount you get from voting for Minehut, so technically this script is free!)

Feel a need to celebrate?
Fireworks Plus can help! With 5 new items and effects, your Minecraft celebration is sure to be explosive!

Here are the 5 current firework items:

  • Sparkler

  • Popper

  • Firecracker

  • Zipper

  • Fountain

Survival Friendly!
Each item can be crafted and used in survival. Additionally, all items except for the sparkler can be used in dispensers!

Quick Note:
Installing this script will also install the plugins Skript and SkBee. Make sure you either already have these plugins installed or have space for them to install!
DO NOT INSTALL SKQUERY - Doing so will break this script.

Found a Bug or Need Help?
Send me a DM on Discord (JackJack33#6425), or join the discord which can also be found on the support/product website.

Future Plans!
There are plans to add more stuff in the future, so make sure to stay updated with this page! Additionally, you can send me a Discord DM if you have any suggestions!