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Hermitcraft SMP Pack

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The Hermitcraft SMP Pack is a skript that will make your SMP just like Hermitcraft!! The skript also includes 4 features to make your SMP better including requiring only 1 player to sleep, voting to clear the weather, auto and manual afk system, tree chop (chop an entire tree instantly by sneaking, can be toggled in config AKA Timber), head drop (chance can be configured in config), and a playtime counter.

This skript is currently created and developed by me, Tresre. If you have any questions, feel free to join my support discord and ask.


By default, this skript requires no setup and works right away. However, it does offer customization options with a config inside the skript for toggling tree-chop and setting the world. The config is located at the top of the skript, and I recommend you don't change any code below the config section. Please keep in mind that this skript does need at least 1 plugin slot open to install skript if it isn't already installed.

Required plugins:

In-Game Commands:

/voteclear - Starts a vote to clear the weather.
/afk - Toggle your own afk status.
/playtime <player> - See a player's time spent on the server.

The 6 different features included in this skript are as follows:

-One player sleeping - Only requires one player on a server (even if there is more than one player online) to sleep in order to change the time to day or stop a thunderstorm.
-Weather clear vote - Players can vote to clear the weather, and if all players online vote yes, then the weather will be cleared.
-Auto and manual AFK - When players don't move for 5 minutes, they will be marked as AFK. You can also toggle your afk status using the /afk command.
-Tree chop (timber) - Allows you to chop an entire tree down by sneaking and breaking the bottom log of the tree.
-Playtime counter - Allows you to see how much time any player has spent on the server.
-Drop head - Chance for a player to drop their head when killed by another player.

If you need any support, notice any glitches, or want to suggest additions to the skript, join the support discord here: