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☁ Islands - A new survival experience on the island either alone or CO-OP.

Islands is a small and light script where you can survive on your own separate island. Players can survive and explore on their own or have fun and team up with their friends.

Island System - Basic commands and things that a player can enjoy surviving on his island.
Start Island - You immediately get one Island World Preset when you purchase, but that world can be changed.

List of commands
/island - Teleports a player to his island or creates it if he does not have island.
/island help - List of available commands.
/island visit - Teleport to other Islands.
/island setspawn - Change the spawn point of your Island.
/island grant - Gives your friend access to build.
/island deny - Removes grant access from player.
/island list - A list of all granted players on your Island.
/island delete - Permanently delete your Island and progress.

How to change Island preset
Simply when you upload or create your own map preset - set the preset with the /island preset command.
The permission for this command is islands.admin.preset

Admin Build
The permission for admin build is

To be able to use this script, you will need to install the following plugins
Skript, skRayFall, TuSKe and Multiverse.