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Jack's Alchemy

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Ever wanted More Potions in Minecraft?
Jack's Alchemy has 18 potions perfect for any server type, whether it be PVP, PVE, SMP, RPG, or anything in between!

Each potion is custom-coded and hand-designed to assist players in a wide array of situations, such as water walking over the oceans, increasing mob spawns, or getting enhanced loot from the environment.

Here are the 18 current potions:

  • Electrolyitic Solution - Ingredient

  • Oil of Vitriol - Ingredient

  • Volatilium - Ingredient

  • Recall Potion - Teleports you to your bed

  • Return Potion - Teleports you to your last death location once

  • Water Walking Potion - Lets you walk on water

  • Lava Walking Potion - Lets you walk on lava

  • Shine Potion - Gives glowing effect

  • Absorption Potion - Gives absorption effect

  • Titan Potion - Bunch of buffs for 90 seconds

  • Inferno Potion - Lights entities around you on fire

  • Hunter Potion - Gives entities glowing in a 50 block radius

  • Candle Potion - Increases monster spawns in 50 block radius

  • Rainbow Potion - Blocks will drop a random dye

  • Farming Potion - Increased farming drops

  • Midas Potion - Chance for blocks to drop gold nuggets

  • Lifesteal Potion - Chance to heal the attacker for 1/2 the damage dealt

  • Veridi Potion - Something special ;)

Just like Vanilla Potions...
our potions will end on death or server restart, helping to reduce bugs and exploits on more serious servers. Additionally, players CANNOT abuse anvils to get potion effects, but you can use plugins such as Shopkeepers in order to give players the potions.

We also have Custom Recipes!
Each potion can be crafted using what we feel are well-balanced recipes, which can be found on the support/product website.

Here's the Commands you need to know:

  • /jackalchemyhelp - Your basic help command, links to the support/product website!

  • /viewpotions - OP Command Only! This will pull up a menu with all the potions, along with the ability to grab them!

Quick Note:
Installing this script will also install the plugins Skript, SkBee, and skript-gui. Make sure you either already have these plugins installed or have space for them to install!
DO NOT INSTALL SKQUERY - Doing so will break this script.

Found a Bug or Need Help?
Send me a DM on Discord (JackJack33#6425), or join the discord which can also be found on the support/product website.

Future Plans!
There are plans to add more potions in the future, so make sure to stay updated with this page! Additionally, you can send me a Discord DM if you have any suggestions!