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Do you want a cheap script to add a donator perk that is EULA compliant? And also jam out with your players? Well, this is the script for you!

Jukebox is a lightweight and easy-to-use script that allows players to listen to Minecraft music in their bases for themselves or others.

WARNING By default the script turns off command feedback, if you wish to disable this, you can change that in the options:

-> Go to the file manager, and open plugins/Skript/scripts/PluginLabs/

-> Change the option commandFeedbackChange to false

-> Reload the script with /sk reload PluginLabs/jukebox


  • /jukebox:

    • Permission: pluginlabs.personaljukebox

    • Opens a menu that allows the player to play any music disc they want

  • /globaljukebox:

    • Permission: pluginlabs.globaljukebox

    • Opens a menu that allows the player to play music for everyone on the server