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Kit Creator

Regular price400 credits

Create kits for your server in-game using Kit Creator!


  • Kit selection GUI

  • Kit creation in-game via commands

  • Kit deletion in-game via commands

  • Unique permissions per kit (auto-generated)

  • No setup required!

Kit selection GUI:

  • Custom names

  • Kit selection cooldown

Unique permissions per kit:

  • Auto-generated permissions for each kit

  • Permissions format: kit.kitname


  • /createkit <kit name> - Saves your current inventory as a kit. Permission: kitcreator.create

  • /deletekit <kit name> - Deletes a kit from the kits list. Permission: kitcreator.delete

  • /kits - Opens the kits menu.

No setup required:

  • Just install the script and you are done!