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Kit Plus

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Kit Plus is an innovative kits skript that you can use for any server! From gens to kitpvp, it'll always work! Kick start your new and amazing server with this cheap kits skript!

Kit Plus is extremely simple to set up! Just simply buy the Kit Plus product and automatically install it to your server!

Amazing admin commands!
Tab completions for every command to make your time easier!
Efficient and softcoded!
Easy compatibility with shop plugins to make a kit shop!
A clean list kits GUI!
Configuration to make this skript exactly how you need it!

Command with usage | Information
<> = Required | [] = Optional

Player Commands
/kits | View a list of all kits!
/kit <kit> | Get a kit!

Admin Commands
/kits admin create <kit> | Create a kit!
/kits admin edit <kit> | Edit a kit to your current inventory!
/kits admin delete <kit> | Delete a kit!
/kits admin setIcon <kit> <item> | Set the kit's item in the kit list!
/kits admin setPermission <kit> <permission> | Set the permission required to use the kit!
/kits admin give <kit> <player> | Give a kit to a player!

Required Plugins