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Kraken Anticheat

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Kraken Anticheat - Owen145


• Reach detection which bans hackers based on the distance they hit an entity from, distance is fully configurable.

• Speed detection which also can detect fly hackers, this has an option to "lag back" the player, if you are moving too fast it will teleport you back to your original position and send an alert to staff, it is not recommended you enable this setting in the config if you have launch pads or any other device that propels players in any direction at high speeds. Generally falling isn't detected unless it's unnaturally fast.

• Toggleable autobans.

• Suspect system for people who aren't quite suspicious enough to send alerts but you should still be watchful of. (Do not rely on this)


Note: You are not required to do anything, for the best detections it is advised you follow the steps below carefully. If you do not follow the steps below you will have 6 errors when you reload and kilaura will not work, if you do not plan on using killaura detection then ignore these errors, everything else will work as it should.

Setup is fairly easy, for beginners the anticheat is already at a safe configuration, for more advanced players it is advised you use caution before editing anything, even in the config file.

  • Kraken uses a lot of variables and if you wish for these to clear when the server loads you need to use a RegEx, this sounds complicated but it is quite simple, simply go to plugins/Skript/ then hit "ctrl + f" on your keyboard to search the config for "pattern: .". Once you have found it replace the "." with "(?!~).", that full line should now look like "pattern: (?!~).". Now go in your server and type "/sk reload config". All done! Kraken's variables will now clear on restarts to help with optimization! (OPTIONAL)


  • In order to give other staff permission to see anticheat alerts they need the permission "kraken.alerts".

  • In order to give other staff permission to edit the state of the anticheat, for example, toggle the reach detection on or enabling killaura autobans, they need the permission "kraken.edit".


  • /kraken - This is the main help/management page for Kraken Anticheat.

  • /kraken modules - This will allow you to enable/disable Kraken modules and autobans.

  • /kraken alerts - This will allow you to enable/disable alerts.

  • /kraken info - This will give you information on a player.

  • /kraken debug - This will enable debug mode, all alerts will be broadcasted and autobans will be disabled. For testing purposes only.

Required Plugins:

  • Skript

  • MorkazSK

  • skQuery

  • skBee

  • skUniversal