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Level-Up is an easy-to-use in-game level-up script.
Take your prison server to the next level!


  • Easy to use /levelup

  • In-game config changes

  • Ability to change rewards

  • And much, much more!

Plugins - Automatically installed unless stated otherwise!

  • Skript (Required)

  • EssentialsX (Required)

  • Vault (Required)

  • Permissions Plugin (Recommended) - Not automatically installed

Getting Started

  • /levelup - Levels you up by one level!

  • /prestige - Rewards can easily be configured in-game. Give the player a stack of diamonds, or kick the player. The choice lies in the hands of the config!

  • /level - Check your level.

There are almost a dozen more commands besides these! These are just the commands you'll use to get started!

To view additional commands use "/levelup help" ingame!


Level-Up was designed to be easily configured all without having to close the window and reload the script.

Easily toggle features on or off with the click of a mouse, all while staying in the game!


This script supports permissions! Install a permissions plugin of your choice and everything will blend right in!

To give players/ranks the ability to access level-up admin commands give them the permission node which you set in the script config.

By default, the admin permission node is set to "levelup.admin"

Tutorial & Support

We have an amazing community of players and staff who are willing to help you out with any issues you may have!