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Loot Crates

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Loot Crates

Wanted to add a bit more randomness to your world? When obtained, Loot Crates will drop random

loot of the player's configuration. Want dirt? Want diamonds? See what item you get!


/lootcrate - Shows all the commands in-game

/lootcrate give [amount] [player] (gives player the Loot Crate)

/lootcrate add (adds the item the player is holding)

/lootcrate remove (removes the item the player is holding)

/lootcrate list (lists all items that the player can get)


When adding items to your possible prizes, adding it multiple times will increase the chances of you getting that prize when opening a lootcrate.


/lootcrate add (hold dirt)

/lootcrate add (hold dirt)

/lootcrate add (hold dirt)

/lootcrate add (hold diamond)

This will have a 75% of dirt, and a 25% of getting a diamond.

By opening up the file (, you look at lines 3 - 6, which allows custom configuration such as

what the Loot Crate block should be and the text underneath the name of the Loot Crate.