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Magic Items

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Creator: FnnF

Getting bored of vanilla Minecraft? Add some magic to the server! With 6 amazing magic items, there is so much more to do now! It can had amazing new plays to PvP fights, or make Minecraft easier to beat. Use /magicitems in-game to get the items.

Teleport Wand

The teleport wand will teleport you through the ground, in the air, or just across the map! The teleportation space is 10 blocks, allowing a lot better transportation in Minecraft. Be careful not to die from fall damage or suffocate!

  • Right click

  • 10 blocks

Invisibility Cloak

Want to become like Harry Potter? Well now that is possible! By right clicking the cloak, it will grant you with a period of invisibility, sneak up on friends, or go invisible while fighting to trick the enemy!

  • Right Click

  • 30 seconds

Speed Ring

Ever wanted to have super speed? This ring allows fast transportation and better fights! Use this in PvP to speed to the other side of the enemy, or use it to find the nether portal that was lost quicker!

  • Right Click

  • 30 seconds

Hulk Hand

Getting tired of the efficiency 5 netherite pickaxe? Using the hulk hand will give haste 100, and turn blocks around the player to dust! Be careful not to use it by houses, or by a chest! The dust won't be coming back!

  • Break blocks

  • 30 seconds

Ore Ring

Getting low on ore? Easily get it back with the ore ring! While holding the ring it will drop ores from coal to diamonds! This will give so much ore there won't be enough space in your world for them!

  • 30 seconds

Plague Holder

Getting surrounded by to many mobs, or have to many animals to kill? The plague holder will kill any mob within a certain radius of the holder, and will drop the loot. Now mobs and overpopulation will never be a problem!

  • 5 seconds


  • Plague Holder and Ore Ring must be held to activate.

  • Plague Holder and Ore Ring are not activated by a action, but are done every 30 seconds in game when held.

  • To get the different items use the command /magicitems