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Moderation Plus

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Moderation Plus gives you an upgrade to your server's moderation system.


• Easy to understand with a ingame help tool

• Warn players that are misbehaving on your server

• Mute players that are not following the rules

• Kick players that are performing unusual things

• Ban players that are going against the rules on your server

• Easy editable reasons for punishing players

• Preset timespans to use when punishing a player

• Option to broadcast a punishment

• Confirmation before executing a punishment with information

• Punishments can be undone with a single click

• Teleport to online players in vanish or without

• Check the current status of a player

• Manage someone's punishment history with ease

• Check a player's alt accounts

• Ability to view a online player's inventory + ender chest

• Moderation tools (mute chat, clear chat, lockdown, staff-chat)

• Easily editable chat filter


• Punish permission: permission.punish

• Modify permission: permission.modify

• Vanish permission: permission.vanish

• Staff-chat permission: permission.staffchat

• Bypass punishments: permission.bypass


• /ph help <number> - See all commands

• /punish <player> - Opens the punishment menu

• /punish <player> alt - See a player's alt accounts

• /punish <player> history - See a player's punishment history

• /punish addreason <text> - Add a custom reason to the punishment menu

• /punish vanish <true/false> - Toggle vanishing when teleporting to a player via the punishment menu

• /vanish - Toggle vanish

• /moderation - Opens menu with moderation tools

• /moderation filter add <text> - Add a word to the chat filter

• /moderation filter remove <text> - Removes a word from the chat filter

• /moderation filter clear - Clears the chat filter

• /moderation filter list - Lists the entire chat filter

• /sc - Toggle staff-chat

• /sc <text> - Sends a message to all online staff


1. Install the package to your server

2. Configure messages as you want through the Script's config section

3. Type /ph help to get started

4. And now you can start to moderate your server!


• Required (all required plugins are automatically installed if you have enough plugin slots)

• Skript

• Skript-gui

• Optional

• A permissions plugin (ex. LuckPerms) (Give permissions to players)

1.17 compatible!