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✨️ Mythic Survival | 1.17 Native | 18 Player Ranks | Bloodmoon | Custom Fishing + More!✨

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Welcome to my new line of professional-grade setups. The Mythic Survival. This setup 1.17 NATIVE, meaning all 1.17 blocks, items, and mobs are completely usable in-game. With quick updates to the newest version of Minecraft. This is a professional grade setup built to handle lots of players efficiently and smoothly. This setup is updated bi-weekly for balancing and new features at the end of each month.


Custom Plugins

Mythic Fishing - creates a unique area at spawn where players rank Cook+ can go fishing in the spawn has a chance to catch some unique drops.
Shop - Normal and Tokens
Bloodmoon - Sneak Peek: Bloodmoon is a custom-created plugin that has a random chance of starting a blood moon at night which gives mobs unique abilities.


18 Player Ranks
5 Donor Ranks (Crab, Guppie, Turtle, Sting Ray, and Shark)
6 Staff Ranks
Tokens - Players receive tokens primarily through killing mobs on the server
Money Pouches
Custom Menus (Help,Warp,Kits,Baltop)
Crates (Vote, Common, Rare, Epic, Mythical, Legendary, and Cosmetic)
SleepyTime - If the majority of players sleep, the server will automatically skip to the next day.
Pets - Pets are given to players with each rank up. Pets can be unlocked with crates or given to players with commands.
100+ Quests
Jobs - Jobs can be picked up by players to help earn extra money while doing normal day-to-day activities. More jobs are being added soon in a future update.
Player Warps
Player Shops
Anticheat (No Hacking)
Art - This allows your players to create various types of art directly in-game and put them up anywhere they want in their base.


We offer extensive support for free. If you have any problems or questions feel free to contact me on We have an amazing support team ready to help you anytime!