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Nations is one of the best Nation/Factions script available on the Minehut Market!

With Nations, you can create nations and invite other players to your nation! You can claim land for your nation to protect it and leave and join other nations.


  • Claim System

  • Member Management

  • Chat Format

  • Custom Commands

Claim System:

  • Prevent block place & break.

  • Prevent PVP.

  • Claims can be destroyed using TNT.

  • Perfect for faction servers!

Member Management:

  • Each nations has an owner.

  • Invite & Kick players.

  • Owner can unclaim land.

  • Members can claim land.

Chat Format:

  • Display your nation in chat.

  • See what nations other players are joined in.

  • Custom nation name variable that can be used in other scripts.

Custom Commands:

  • Easily create & delete nations!

  • Claim and unclaim land.

  • A help command that displays all the commands.

  • Prevents creation of nations with the same name.

  • Prevents creation of nations with color codes in their name.


  • /n help - Displays all commands.

  • /n create - Create a nation.

  • /n leave - Leave your nation.

  • /n info - Get information about your nation.

  • /n invite - Invite other players to your nation.

  • /n kick - Kick other players from your nation.

  • /n accept - Accept a nation invite.

  • /n claim - Claim land for your nation.

  • /n unclaim - Unclaim land from your nation.

How to use nation prefixes in chat format:

You can use the default chat format in this script or you can use the variable "{joinednation.%player's uuid%}" in your chat script to display the joined nation in your chat.


on chat:

set chat format to "%{joinednation.%player's uuid%}% %player% >> %message%"


  • Skript

  • SkBee

  • SkQuery