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Omega TNT

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Omega TNT 1.16-1.17


This script will give you 25+ different types of custom TNT! The TNT can range from a sponge TNT all the way to a black hole TNT!

You can also craft any of the TNT in survival mode, use the recipe book to see how to craft the custom TNT and the gunpowder!

If you find any bugs or need support you can contact me on my discord.


  • Skript

  • Skbee

  • Skquery

  • Skellett


- /Tnt

- /Tntsettings <fire> <True/False>

- /TntReload

You can change many things in the first few lines of the file to make it meet your needs such as spawn protection, less lag, turning on or off crafting, or making TNT admin only [Op].


If you need any help you should visit the discord and ask for other player's help, if people cannot help you or it is a bug you can create a ticket and I will respond to you as soon as possible with help.


  • TNT x10: This is a TNT that is 10x larger than a normal TNT.

  • World Eater TNT: This will eat all the blocks around it like a virus.

  • TNT x25 : This is a TNT that is 25x larger than a normal TNT.

  • Glitch TNT: This will replace all blocks around it like a virus with a checkered pattern of the null texture.

  • TNT x50 : This is a TNT that is 50x larger than a normal TNT.

  • Minehut TNT: This will make the Minehut logo then do a fake crash ;)

  • TNT x100 : This is a TNT that is 100x larger than a normal TNT.

  • Sponge TNT: This will remove all water/lava around the TNT.

  • Nuke TNT: This is like the 100x TNT but about 5x larger with particles.

  • Cluster TNT: This will fire many 100x TNT into the air causing a massive explosion

  • Black Hole TNT: All you need to know is it's a big hole.

  • Hole TNT: This will mine all blocks around it and below it tell it reaches Y 0

  • Yeet TNT : This will launch all blocks/mobs around it into the sky.

  • X-Ray TNT: This will allow you to see all ores around the TNT.

  • Fliped TNT : This will flip all blocks around it upside down.

  • Arrow TNT: This will fire a lot of arrows into the sky.

  • Fire TNT: This lights all blocks around it on fire.

  • Lava TNT: This replaces blocks around it with lava.

  • Instant TNT: This will explode as soon as you light it.

  • Water TNT: This replaces blocks around it with water.

  • Chunk TNT: This will delete the chunk the TNT is placed in.

  • Random TNT: This will make all blocks around it turn into a random block.

  • Fuse TNT: This TNT can be used to light other TNT easily while not breaking any blocks.

  • Levitation TNT: This will levitate all blocks/mobs around it into the sky.

  • Wool TNT : This will replace all 9x9 chunks into their wool form and ores will be turned into blocks. Ex: Diamond Block

  • Everything TNT: This simply does every single TNT