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PassOp is a password protected Op system.

If a player has Op and has a password setup by either one of the PassOp admins or through console, the player is prompted to enter their password to run the command they entered.

  • Players are prompted to enter their command once every login.

  • A player will be authenticated to use any command once they've entered their password correctly.

  • PassOp admins and console can setup a password for any player but they will only be prompted for a password if they ran a command as op.

  • PassOp admins and console can delete a players password at any time and prevent them from running commands as op.
    Don't forget to deop players when removing their password as they will be unable to run any command.


  1. Install the script.

  2. Edit the config to your preferences.
    Please read these carefully

  3. Enable the script with '/sk enable PassOp'.

  4. Once you're happy with the config, I recommend removing 'sk' from the ignored commands.


  • prefix
    The script prefix. This will show up at the start of any PassOp message.

  • min_length and max_length
    Min and max length of a password.

  • attempts
    The number of attempts a player has to enter their password correctly before being kicked and logged.

  • passop_admins
    Players who have access to the PassOp admin command.
    There is no permission for this, so you have to add players to it in the configuration for security reasons.
    To setup a PassOp login without an admin you must use the console.

  • ignored_players
    Players where are exempt from PassOp system.

  • ignored_commands
    Commands which do not require the player to be logged in to use.

  • these_commands
    The only commands you want players to login for.

  • admin_command, login_command and logout_command
    The PassOp commands.


  • /login <password>
    Login or set/reset a password.

  • /logout
    Logout (doesn't kick you, just logs you out of PassOp).

  • /passop <setup/reset/revoke> <player>
    Setup a password for a player.
    Reset a player's password.
    Remove a players access to op by removing their login.