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Pirate Skyblock Bundle

Regular price1333 credits

Arrgh Matey! Are you ready to take your pirate-themed server to the next level with our pirate skyblock bundle? Features include:

  • 1x 150x150 Spawn

    • Crates area

    • Enchantments area

    • Leaderboard area

    • Parkour

    • Exploration features

  • 1x 400x400 Warzone

  • 1x 50x50 Outpost

  • 1x 50x50 KoTH


  1. Enter the command: /mvim tv_pirate_skyblock_bundle normal -g VoidGeneratorto load the world

  2. To teleport to the world, please execute the command: /mvtp tv_pirate_skyblock_bundle

Thank you for buying!