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Player Paint

Regular price50 credits

Player Paint

Creator: FnnF

Want to bring art into Minecraft? Player Paint is able to paint over any solid block in Minecraft! The paint brush can be any block in the game, allowing all kinds of different abstract and other art. Being on 50 credits, voting 2 times on Minehut will give 100 credits!

Commands and Usage:

/paint [on/off] turns off or on the whole product

/paintlist [add/remove/see/clear] while holding a block use add or remove to put the block in or out of the affected block list. See will show all blocks affected. Clear will make it to where all affected blocks, will be removed. The paint list are for blocks that are being painted over.

/paintblock while holding a block in your hand that will determine your paint. The paint block will only paint over blocks in the paint list.


/paintlist add (hold grass block)

and then /paintblock (hold bedrock)

finally, /paint on.

The above example will paint all grass blocks around you to bedrock.

Walk or fly around to paint