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PreSMP is a skript that comes with many features! Some features are homes, death teleportation, ranks, chat formatting, whitelist, and a GUI to control everything!

PreSMP is extremely simple to set up! Just simply buy the PreSMP product and automatically install it to your server!

Already set up ranks that control all of PreSMP's command permissions!
You can edit the colors PreSMP uses by editing the easy and explained configuration in the skript file!
Intuitive commands with tab completions to make your life easier!
A fully customizable whitelist!
Don't wanna use commands? PreSMP comes with many amazing guis to help control everything!

Install and go play!

Command with usage | Rank | Information
<> = Required | [] = Optional

/presmp | member | Opens the main PreSMP gui.
/presmp menu | member | Opens the main PreSMP gui.
/presmp setrank <rank> | admin | Sets the rank of a player.
/presmp setprefix <rank> <text> | admin | Changes the prefix for a rank.
/presmp nickname <player> <text> | mod | Changes the nickname for a player.
/presmp whitelist <text [text] | admin | Commands to edit the whitelist.
/presmp reload confirm | admin | Reloads PreSMP.
/presmp ban <player> [text] | mod | Bans a player.
/presmp mute <player> [text] | mod | Mutes a player.
/presmp kick <player> [text] | mod | Kicks a player.
/presmp unmute <player> | mod | Unmutes a player.
/presmp unban <player> | mod | Unbans a player.
/presmp mutechat | mod | Mutes the chat.
/presmp spawn | member | Teleports you to the spawn.
/presmp setspawn [text] | admin | Sets the server spawn.
/presmp home | member | Teleports to your bed.
/presmp tpa <player> | member | Sends a teleport request to a player.
/presmp tpaccept <player> | member | Accepts a teleport request from a player.
/presmp tpadecline <player> | member | Declines a teleport request from a player.
/presmp back | member | Teleports you to your last death point.

Required Plugins