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Quick Class Maker

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Quick Class Maker
This add-on helps you create custom Classes!
Just take the items into your inventory, put them
in the slots you want, and save it!

How to setup?

  1. Install the package to your server.

  2. Type /class help for all the arguments.

  3. View the default Class using " /class view test " and do " /class equip test " to try it out.

  4. Remove the Class by typing " /class delete test ".

  5. Now you can make your own Classes!

Pro Tip!
You can use this to create custom classes for RPGs and PvP servers.

/class help - This shows you all the commands that are mentioned down here.
/class create <ID> - With this you can create a new Class.
/class save <ID> - This will save all the items in your current inventory to the Class of the given ID.
/class view <ID> - This will open a GUI to show you the items a class has. The bottom row is for the
offhand slot and the armor slots.
/class equip <ID> [<player>] - This will replace the player's inventory with the items of the class. (clear's inventory)
/class give <ID> [<player>] - This will give a player the items of a class. Useful for a daily /kit command.
/class list - Shows you a list of all the IDs of the classes. This is helpful for modifying them.
/class delete <ID> - Deletes an existing Class.
/class reset - This will reset the add-on and all the classes. If anything goes wrong, use this command.


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