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Random Loot Chest

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Do you want players to stop lurking in their houses or building their plots for 90% of their game time? Are your PVP arenas empty, or your new world you just bought is not being explored?

This script is the solution for that! Spawn a chest with loot somewhere in your defined world and lure the players outside their houses and plots!


  1. Open the "" script using the file manager

  2. If you wish you can customize messages, sounds, particles and other things (After changing something inside the script reloading is required:/sk reload LEINER/RandomLootChest)

  3. Edit the loot via the in-game command /rlc editloot (A GUI will open, just put the items inside the GUI and close it, it will save automatically)

  4. Now to spawn a chest, use /rlc spawn (If you don't want it to broadcast/play sound use /rlc spawn silent)

To see all the available commands, use /rlc help


  • Simply edit the loot, conveniently in-game using a GUI

  • Extremely customizable

  • Play particles of your choice to make the chest easier to see

  • Option to spawn firework in or above the chest for cool looking effects or to locate it better

  • Command to remove all existing chests (/rlc deletechests)

  • Command to get a list of all active chests (/rlc activechests)

  • Silent option when spawning a chest, so players won't notice

  • Edit and customize the public visible messages

  • No lags when reloading the script, even on free tier!

  • Play sounds when a player is near a chest

  • For other script developers, there is an "API" to spawn chests random or at specific coordinates and if needed silent.

  • And much more is coming in future updates...

Any idea for a new feature or need help? Write me on discord or join my discord help server!


If you wish to enhance this script with some cool free features you can take a look here: - because of pastebin some might look a bit odd, just paste them into a new or existing script, and they should work perfectly fine. RLC related things only work if you bought this script!


  • Spawn a chest with the function RLC_spawnChest(string, string, string, string)

  • If you use the silent mode, no broadcast or sound will play when spawning

    • usage for a random location

      • RLC_spawnChest("random", "", "", "")

    • usage for a random location and silent

      • RLC_spawnChest("random", "silent", "", "")

    • usage for an exact location

      • RLC_spawnChest("x", "y", "z", "")

    • usage for an exact location and silent

      • RLC_spawnChest("x", "y", "z", "silent")


  • Skript

  • skript-gui


  • Placeholders (requires you to install: skript-placeholders and PlaceholderAPI)

    • %rlc_lastchest% → when the last chest was spawned as a human-readable date, e.g.: 7/10/21, 11:38 AM (this can be changed in the configuration of skript itself)

    • %rlc_xcoord% → x coordinate of the last spawned chest

    • %rlc_ycoord% → y coordinate of the last spawned chest

    • %rlc_zcoord% → z coordinate of the last spawned chest

    • %rlc_totalchests% → how many chests have been spawned

    • %rlc_totalchestsfounds% → how many of the spawned chests have been opened/found

  • Version Check (requires you to install: SkQuery) [this might not work due to minehut]


  • You can find a video of version 1.0.0 at "product website"

  • If you want to test it on my minehut server, join my discord server