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Sunace Studios

Ranks And Prestiges

Regular price200 credits

This plugin requires Vault, A permissions plugin (such as LuckPerms), an economy plugin (such as Essentials), and PlaceholderAPI to be installed

Ranks And Prestiges, the easy-to-use, quick setup ranking, and prestige plugin! This plugin is perfect for you if you want:

  • Ranks and rank ups

  • An infinite number of prestiges without having to configure them

  • An unlimited amount of rank up possibilities

  • A quick and easy setup

How it works:

It's pretty simple! Ranks And Prestiges enables you to configure a set of ranks (let's say A-Z), you'll set a rankup price, then a prestige price. When a player prestiges, the rankup prices will then increase by a set percentage (that you define in the config) along with the next prestige cost!

Commands and Permissions:

  • /ranks | Shows you a list of ranks on the server | default

  • /rankup | Allows you to rankup | default

  • /prestige | Allows you to prestige at the max rank | default

  • /setrank <player> <rank> | Allows you to set a players rank | rap.admin OR rap.admin.setrank