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Rising Lava Survival

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Compete against your friends to survive the Rising Lava! Who will be the last one standing?

Rising Lava Survival is easy to set up and a great way to have fun with friends!
It is recommended that you play with at least 2 players.

  • Before you begin, make sure you have given yourself OP!
    (If you're using a permissions plugin, the permissions are lava.<command>, e.g. lava.start for /lavastart)

  • Start the Rising Lava at a set interval with /lavastart <interval>!
    (example: "/lavastart 5 seconds" if you want the lava to rise every 5 seconds)

  • Set the amount of survivors you want with /lavawinners <amount>!
    (If you want to play in singleplayer mode, do /lavawinners singleplayer!)

  • Stop the Rising Lava with /lavastop!

  • Reset the Rising Lava with /lavareset!
    (This will stop the Rising Lava and clear any lava from the world, starting from the top.)

  • Need a reminder of all the commands? Just do /lavahelp!

If you want to fully reset the Rising Lava Survival world (get rid of placed/mined blocks, etc), just re-install Rising Lava Survival on your server.
If you want to clear a player's inventory when resetting, just do /clear <player>. Nothing is set up to automatically clear inventories in case your players have important items.

Common Problems:
If for some reason you don't get put into the Lava Survival world by default, you should be able to stop your server, manually set the "Level Name" option on your server's dashboard to "lavasurvival" and start your server back up again.