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Simple Chat Tags

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Want a way for your players to show off in chat? Well, Simple Chat Tags allow your players to collect as many chat tags as they/you want.

If you're using a custom chat, all you need to do is add the {chattags::%player's uuid%::equipped} variable somewhere into your chat format. Or you can change the chat format in the config section of this skript.

Your chat tags GUI will expand as you collect more tags. Once you've collected a full GUI worth of tags, there will be a navigation section at the bottom of the menu.

About the Skript:

  • About 300 lines

  • Very customisable (but no config settings have to be changed)

    • Permissions

    • Commands

    • Messages

    • Items

    • Colour theme

  • Requires no addons

Commands and Permissions:

  • /tags (default)
    Open your chat tags menu

  • /tags <player> (default)
    Open another player's chat tags menu (for admins)
    Permission: chattags.others

  • /givetag <player> <amount> <tag> (default)
    Give a player a chat tag
    Permission: chattags.givetag

  • giveChatTag(<player>, <amount>, <tag text>)
    Give a player x amount of chat tags.
    You can use this function in your shop GUIs (if they're skript).

Placeholders have been made to make your life easier so you don't need to learn any skript in order to customise this as your own.

  • $chattag$
    The chat tag

  • $tags$
    The amount of tags the player has

  • $player$
    The player's name

Some Config Options:
Here are a few examples of what you can customise in this skript.

  • Chat format

  • Tag format, item and look

  • Navigation items and names

  • Allow/Disallow players to redeem multiple of the same chat tag

  • Allow/Disallow players to withdraw a chat tag from the chat tag menu

NOTE: You cannot redeem a chat tag while looking at a player, otherwise this causes the redeem to run twice