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Simple Sell Wands

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Simple Sell Wands:

Sell wands are wands that allow you to sell all the items in a chest by right clicking it, this is extremely useful on servers where large amounts of items pile up in chests such as gen or farming servers. If I was playing a gen server and my chests were overflowing with items and I was bored of taking them all out of the chest and doing /sell, I could simply right-click that chest with the sell wand and all the items will automatically sell. Staff can add items to a list of sellable items and when a chest is clicked any of these added items will be automatically sold for however much they specified. This skript also allows you to:

• Create your own custom wands with whatever amount of uses and multiplier you want.

• Add whatever items you want to be able to be sold and you can set their price.

It's easy to use and it can save wands you create for ease-of-access later on.


  • /wands or /wands help - This opens the main help page.

  • /wands list <items/wands> - This command will list all created wands or sellable items.

  • /wands items add <price> - This will add your held item to the sellable items list for the price you listed.

  • /wands items remove <index> - This will remove the sellable item at the index specified, you can see all the indexes with /wands list items.

  • /wands give <uses> <multiplier> <wand name> - This command will create a wand and give it directly to you without adding it to your wand list.

  • /wands create <uses> <multiplier> <wand name> - This command will create a wand and save it to the wand list.

  • /wands get <index> - This command allows you to get the desired wand you created with /wands create, you can view your wands with /wands list wands.

  • /wands delete <index> - This command will delete a saved wand at the specified index, you can view the index of all your saved wands with /wands list wands.

Required Plugins:

  • EssentialsX

  • Vault

  • Skript

  • skBee

  • skQuery