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Simple Server Setup

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Simple Server Setup!
This add-on helps you out with the basic needs for your new server!
Out of experience I can say that setting up those basics is always very
annoying and difficult process. That is why there is now a simple
package just for you!

Keep in mind that this is not a complete server setup. See this more as a
foundation for your server. You can easily expand this foundation to like
a pvp server, a gen server, or even a super cool dungeon server.

This package contains:

  • A Chat System
    - Custom Rank Colors
    - Use Colors in Messages (&bHi &aThere)
    - A system to prevent swearing!
    ( It doesn't filter like class or assassin, only swear words )

  • A Small Permission System

  • A Tablist and Sidebar to show information

  • A Rank System
    - Easy to Modify
    - Easy to add new Ranks!

  • A Join / Leave message and a message for new players

  • An easy to use Punish System

  • A lot of useful Commands (See Documentation down below)

How to Set it Up:

  1. Install the package to your server.

  2. To give yourself the owner rank, type the command " /rank <name> Owner ".
    ( You do need to be opped to do this )

  3. Type the commands: " /pss setname <your server name> ".
    ( This will update the skripts to fit your server )

  4. Go to the spawn of your server, and type " /pss setspawn ".
    ( When players join, they will spawn here )

  5. And you are done!

Documentation / Commands:

For the documentation, how to change things and for command examples,
use the command: /pss help.
This will show all the sections that you can change and how to change them.


/rank <player> <rank> - To give players a rank
/rankcreate <name> <chat color> <name color> <prefix> <order number> - Create / Modify a rank
Order number is the ID number of the rank. The lower it is, the more permissions you have.
/rankdelete <name> - Deletes a rank. (ranks in will be restored on restart)
/ranklist - Shows the list of different ranks and their order number.
Example: /rankcreate Pelican &6 &f &f&lPelican 39

/sc <message> - To talk with other staff members, use a @ to ping staff.
/invsee <player> - To see a player's inventory
/lockdown - To kick every online player except for staff members.
/broadcast <message> - To announce something.
/clearchat - To clear the chat.
/unmute <player> - Unmute a player.
/unban <player> - Unban a player.
/bancheck <player> - Check if a player is banned.
/punish <player> - Punish a player (ban / mute / kick)

/gm0 [<player>] - Sets a player's gamemode to survival.
/gm1 [<player>] - Sets a player's gamemode to creative.
/gm2 [<player>] - Sets a player's gamemode to adventure.
/gm3 [<player>] - Sets a player's gamemode to spectator.

/gold <player> <add|remove|reset|set|get> [<number>] - Control the Gold of a player
/gems <player> <add|remove|reset|set|get> [<number>] - Control the Gems of a player

If you use an extern permission plugin, and plan on using that. You can change the permissions of
the commands to what ever you like! Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Go to the skript folder (Pelican/SimpleServerSetup/)

  2. Open the file

  3. Scroll down a bit, until you see a long list of permissions.
    ( It looks a bit like perms_<a command> : "" )

  4. Add the permissions in the quotes.
    ( Example: perms_rank: "perms.admin.rank" )

  5. After you have filled in all the permissions, you can set the " permissions: false " to " permissions: true ".
    Warning, all the permissions have to be filled in before turning this to true. Else everyone can use the commands.

  6. Restart the server or reload the skript file. Now the permissions should be working!

Plugins Required

  • Skript

  • skBee

  • skRayfall

  • skript-gui

1.17 compatible!