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Simple SMP Setup

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Have you ever had the idea to start an SMP, but you didn't know how? You're in luck, because this product makes it very easy to set one up in no time.


• Edit the appearance of an item with ease! Their name and even their lore can be customized to your liking.

• Create own ranks easily through a menu and edit different options to get the perfect result.

• Through a menu you can easily put together custom recipes how you want them.

• Do you have no idea how to turn certain settings on or off like pvp? That doesn't matter because you can change this very easily via a menu.

• Change a player's rank and settings with ease with a few clicks!

• Do you want it to rain or thunder, and do you want it to possibly be day or night? From now on, this is very easy to do via a menu.

Custom whitelist! With a few commands you can be sure who has the right to join your server.

(Finally, to make it you as easy as possible every feature above has been processed in the images above.)


• Admin permission: permission.smp

• Vote for time/weather:


For the documentation on how to change things and to see examples, use the command: /smp help.
This will show everything that you are capable of doing/changing.


• /name <name> - Change the name of the held item

• /lore add <text> - Adds the given text to the end of the held item's lore

• /lore set <line number> <text> - Sets the specified line of the held item's lore to the given text

• /lore clear - Clears the held item's lore

(To make sure the commands above work you must hold an item.)


Ranks and custom recipes can be easily made with a few clicks through a menu and so can various settings be changed in this menu. This menu can be opened with the following command.

• /smp - Opens a menu where ranks & recipes can be created and various settings can be changed.


• /smp name <name> - Change the name of the server in the tablist and scoreboard.

• /whitelist <on/off> - Turn the whitelist of your server on/off

• /whitelist add <player> - Adds a player to the whitelist

• /whitelist remove <player> - Removes a player from the whitelist

• /whitelist list - Displays every player that is whitelisted

• /whitelist clear - Clears the entire whitelist


All the extra features can be found by using the command below. This command will also explain everything this script has to offer.

• /smp help


1. Install the package to your server

2. Configure messages as you want through the Script's config section

3. Type the following commands:

• /setspawn - Sets the server spawn to your exact location

• /smp name <your server name> - Changes the name of the server in the tablist and scoreboard

(Make sure you are OP or have the following permission: permission.smp)

3. Type /smp help to get started

4. And you are done!


All the required plugins are automatically installed if you have enough plugin slots. The following plugins need to be installed in order for the script to work.

• Skript

• Skript-gui

• SkBee

• Luckperms

• Vault

• Essentials (In order for the economy to work, can also be changed to your server's economy)

1.17 compatible!