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Simple Trolling

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Simple Trolling is a fun GUI with 27 different trolls that you can use to confuse and mess with your friends! The skript also includes a troll menu which has 6 unique troll items that cant be gotten in creative mode, a vanish option, and an option to disguise into any player you want to!

This skript is currently created and developed by me, Tresre. If you have any questions, feel free to join my support discord and ask.


By default, this skript requires no setup and works right away. However, it does offer customization options with a config inside the skript for customizing the permissions and the permission message. The config is located at the top of the skript, and I recommend you don't change any code below the config section. Please keep in mind that this skript does need at least 2 plugin slots open to install the required addon and skript if they aren't already installed.

WARNING: The Disguise troll requires tablisknu and protocollib to function, but are not required if you need to save on plugin slots.

Default permissions (can be changed in the config):
-Troll GUI Permission: troll.use

Required plugins:

In-Game Commands:

The skript has some in-game commands that you can use to control the skript! The commands are as follows:
-/troll - Opens the troll menu for disguising, vanishing, and getting troll items.
-/troll <player> - Opens the troll GUI for trolling someone with one of the 27 different trolls.

The trolls currently included in the skript are as follows:

-Starve - Makes the target's hunger go down.
-Invsee - Allows you to see inside the target's inventory.
-Bury - Buries the target 1 block underground.
-Random TP (RTP) - Teleports the player around randomly within a few blocks.
-Spam - Spam the target's chat.
-Ignite - Sets the target on fire.
-Damage - Damages the target by 1 heart.
-Cage - Traps the target in a glass cage.
-Creeper - Spawns a creeper behind the target.
-Ghost Arrows - Shoots the target with lots of arrows.
-Lagback - Teleports the target back to where they were 5 seconds ago.
-Ride - Allows you to ride on top of the target.
-Freeze - Freezes the target in place for 5 seconds.
-Fakeop - Sends a message in chat to make the target think you opped them.
-Fake Error - Kicks the target with a fake error message.
-Take Control - Allows you to control the target's actions for 10 seconds.
-Rocket - Shoots the target up into the air like a firework.
-Time Bomb - Makes the target explode after counting down from 10.
-Smite - Strikes the target with lightning.
-Reverse Chat - Makes the target say everything backwards.
-Do a 180 - Makes the target turn around.
-Rotate - Makes the target constantly rotate.
-Fakechat - Allows you to make the target say something in chat.
-Drop Anvil - Drops an anvil on the target.
-Slippery Hands - Makes the target drop whatever item they are holding.
-Fake Diamonds - Makes blocks around the target into fake diamond ores that they can't mine.
-Bunny Jump - Makes the target constantly jump.

If you need any support, notice any glitches, or want to suggest additions to the skript, join the support discord here: