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Holograms are a fun and easy way to direct new players in your server or just to display information that your players may find useful.


  • /hg <text> <line number> - Creates a new hologram that displays text in order of line number

  • /hgundo - Undoes the last hologram that you have created ( Only works on the last created hologram )

  • /hgtools - Gives you the tools that are associated with the Holograms (Right-Click on holograms with the snowball to delete it)

What is line number?

Line number is the order of text displays if there are more than 1 in a certain area, e.g line number 1 is the top-most and then 2 would be under 1 and 3 would be under 2


  • hg.create - Allows the use of the command /hg

  • hg.destroy - Allows the use of the holograph removal tool

  • hg.undo - Allows the use of the command /hgundo

  • - Allows the use of the command /hgtools


  • Skript

  • SkQuery

  • SkBee


  • A permissions plugin (LuckPerms, etc....)


Install the skript onto your server, load up your server and use the command /hg <text> <line number> to start your first hologram!