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Skript Crates

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SkCrates is a crates script that has a full GUI editor, custom animations, sounds, holograms, and more! You can easily add this to your server and configure it with what you want! This is an amazing feature for any server!


While SkCrates is admittedly a massive file, it is still pretty optimized! If you want to run this on a large server, I would recommend not using more intensive animations such as slot machine. If 50 players were to use those keys in the event of a key all, it might not turn out well. There is also the option to use an instant animation which is very efficient. This will be most useful for common crates you would hand out quite a bit.


SkCrates only requires 2 addons!

  • SkBee

  • TuSKe or skript-gui (skript-gui is reccomended for a more updated version of tuske!)

Documentation and Support

When you need help configuring or modifying SkCrates, you can look at the documentation! If you need more help, please message me on the support discord! You can get this by running /crates support in-game as well!

  • Documentation:

  • Discord Support: